Hello.  My name is Mosephine.

In 2008, I was given a name. It sprung from a dull inside joke, a simple misunderstanding, a combination of grandmother spirits, of an organist and a flower arranger.  I picked up the guitar to learn a song for a then-beau, and wrote my first of many breakup songs dumped on his doorstep.

I found solace and an audience in my sun-saturated hometown in Sarasota FL with a gaggle of like-minded scrappy earnest makers on a big wide porch. Guitars passed around a committee formed by tomfoolery and absurd plans.  We stormed open mic nights as a crew, and helped each other start our bands. 

At some point that year, I formed the Equines, released an EP (Hearts on Faces, Finch House Records, 2009). Friends of mine and I then formed Tiny Ensemble so we could all have an excuse to piggyback on a friend's tour in a veg oil school bus, and I developed a still-unsatiated taste for the road.

I met and then joined forces with a unicorn cellist in 2011, forming Bard and Mustache, releasing 3 EP’s, and toured the east coast. We evolved into Teach Me Equals and moved into a camper, living and performing on the road from 2013 to 2018.

Teach Me Equals released a debut album (Knives in the Hope Chest, Minorlit Records, 2014), a Split EP (RedRumsey / Teach Me Equals, Exotic Fever Records, 2016), and a followup album (Fix History, Wild Klamath Records, 2018).

Along the way, I’ve collaborated with many a wonderful human, shrieking, playing violin or guitar or just making plain ol’ noise. Now, Version 3 of me, with about a hundred thousand tour miles beneath my belt, I’m setting out on my own and following my nose and watching the sky often. Observing the vultures. Watching the petals fall for green to emerge. Playing old songs and songs I love. And the new ones are also coming.

Thank you for being. Thank you for listening. Thank you for giving a shit.




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